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Cutting edge, flagship camera with intelligent feedback and resolution


Technical specifications

Introducing vantage

Introducing vantage



Enables camera selection for simple system setup and monitors camera position in real time


OLED Display

Camera ID and system feedback on an easy to read front facing display


Status lights

Keep up-to-date with your System Status



Power and sync with a PoE+


Thermal Sensors

Detects changes in camera temperature that could affect your system status


Tablet Control

Set-up your cameras, calibrate and capture, anywhere in the volume

Intelligence in Motion

Vicon Vantage will transform the way you think about motion capture. With advanced technology, intelligent controls and intuitive design, it puts the power to capture in your hands.


360 VIEW

Key messages

  • The power to capture is in your hands.

    The most powerful processing algorithms and electronics, combined with industry-leading tracking and data fidelity, means motion capture cameras just took another major step forward. Advances in Vicon’s technology IP allow Vantage to hit resolution and speed sweet spots that make it truly unique.

  • Do more with Vantage.

    Onboard sensors, LEDs and a digital display are intelligently combined to provide you with up-to-the-minute system status and feedback on the fly, so you can capture your data with the peace of mind that everything is as it should be.

  • Free yourself from the capture PC.

    Vicon’s Control app saves you time during camera set-up and capture with its easy to use, intuitive interface. Change camera settings, calibrate the system, and start or stop capture all from the palm of your hand.






Compare Cameras

Vantage Vero Family
Model V16 V8 V5 v2.2 v1.3 v1.3 X Vertex
Resolution (MP) 16 8 5 2.2 (2048 x 1088) 1.3 (1280 x 1024) 1.3 (1280 x 1024) 1.3 (1280 x 1024)
Max Frame Rate (Hz) 120 @ 16MP 260 @ 8MP 420 @ 5MP 330 @ 2.2MP 250 @ 1.3MP  250 @ 1.3MP 120 @ 1.3MP
Max Frame Rate (Hz) 2000 2000 2000 330 250 250
On-Board Marker Processing Yes Yes Yes
Standard Lens 18 mm 12.5 mm 12.5 mm 6.5-15.5 mm Varifocal
Wide Lens 12.5 mm 8.5 mm 6.5-15.5 mm Varifocal 4 mm Fixed Focal Length 4 mm Fixed Focal Length M12 Lens
Minimum Standard FOV (H x V)° 54.7 x 54.7 61.7 x 47 48.2 x 41.2 44.1 x 23.6 (tele) 27.2 x 21.8 (tele) 100.6 x 81.1
Minimum Wide FOV (H x V)° 76.4 x 76.4 63.5 x 55.1 98.1 x 50.1 (wide) 55.2 x 43.9 (wide) 79.0 x 67.6
Camera Latency 8.3 ms 5.5 ms 4.7 ms 3.6 ms 3.4 ms 3.4 ms 3.4 ms
Strobe IR
Shutter Type Global
Connection Type Cat5e / RJ45
Power PoE+ PoE
Max Power Consumption 24W 12W
Dimensions (mm) (H x W x D) 166.2 x 125 x 134.1 83 x 80 x 135 83 x 80 x 112 Body: 83 x 80 x 78 mm
Camera: 50 x 50 x 48 mm;
Weight (kg) 1.6 0.57 0.56  0.57
Updateable Firmware Yes

Vantage Software

Download File


Where can I find information about Vantage cameras?

Vicon Vantage will transform the way you think about motion capture. With advanced technology, intelligent controls and intuitive design, it puts the power to capture in your hands.

Details on the Vantage camera range can be found in associated pages below.


How do I update the Firmware on my Vantage/Vero and mixed hardware?

A mixed or Vantage/Vero camera system needs to be on the latest firmware.  For version details, the FAQ: What is the latest version of Firmware?

If your computer is connected to the internet, the Vicon software will do a firmware check.  If a firmware update is needed you just need to click on the notification symbol and follow the instructions.  Otherwise follow the instructions below.

1. Please download the latest version of the Vicon Firmware Update Utility, extract the files from ViconFirmwareUpdateUtility_x.x.x.xxxxh.zip. Once complete, run the executable inside. This will install the Reprogramming Tool for the appropriate Firmware version on the computer.

2. Once the program has been installed make sure:

    • Vicon software is closed.
    • Vicon hardware is on.
    • Check your firewall; either disable or allow this program through the firewall.


3. Double click on the Vicon Firmware Update Utility to start the program. The program will automatically search for all Vicon hardware which can be updated. Click Next when ready.

4. A list of existing Firmware for all devices is now presented. You have the option to reprogram all devices.

This process can be slow.  Please do not interrupt the programming process.  Once the reprogramming is completed you will be able to go to the next page and close out of the programming tool.  If any cameras fail or you have further questions, please contact Vicon Support.


Vicon are here to support you on your Motion Capture journey. We’re happy to provide more information, answer questions and help you find the solution you need. Get in touch with our experts today.


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