Interesting fact: Vicon and I are the same age. Both celebrating our 31st birthdays this year.

I grew up in a country town in Western Australia, but moved to Perth for the majority of my education. I completed a Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Health Science) (Hons) at The University of Western Australia, and I am currently completing a PhD in Biomechanics there. My PhD thesis focuses on upper limb movement variability of professional violinists, and how different playing styles, postures, and tempos affect this movement variation and the forces that are applied to the joints in the upper limb. This meant I got to spend a lot of time with violinists from the Western Australian Orchestra getting a private concert as they came in for motion capture analysis.


During my undergraduate, Masters and PhD I was using Vicon for 3D motion analysis and it was through this technical expertise I discovered the possibility of working for Vicon, which soon became my idea of a ‘dream job’. So there was absolutely no hesitation when the dream became a reality and I was asked to relocate to the UK to start as a Vicon Life Science Support Engineer.

I’ve been working for Vicon since 2012 and during this time I have been exposed to a world most people don’t know exists. I hear about people’s regular work days, but I can honestly say I don’t think there is such a thing as a ‘regular day’ in my job. Some months I will be in the office a total of 2 days, other months I will be in the office every day.

Last year I had spent a few weeks working in Australia, arrived back in the UK for a week before heading to Denmark to attend the Vicon Nordic User Group Meeting, followed by a stopover in Belgium, and a day in Porto to begin a week working in Covilha (Portugal). At the end of the week I was gearing up to come back to the office in the UK to get a phone call from my boss asking if I would prefer to fly to Amsterdam to work there for a couple of days.


My job entails me to setup motion capture systems around Europe/Russia/Africa/Asia and Australia, train customers on how to use our hardware and software, and help out with any requests they may have. I’ve also been known to dabble in modeling for Vicon – my face and feet are all over the Vicon website!

It is fair to say I extract a lot of enjoyment from my work because our customers do such amazing and interesting things, and in a way I get to be a part of all of it. From quadrotors at Imperial College; amputee patients at Headley Court; computer game development at Quantic Dream; and the Australian Cricket team at The University of Western Australia: our customers are the reason I can say, I have The Best Job In The World™.