The Vicon mini fig has arrived!! But now the task comes of naming it.

What we know so far –


Yes it hasn’t told us yet whether it is a man or a woman so naming is open.

This year the names will be suggested by our team’s worldwide and then the 10 best names will be whittled down to the winner by you.

Here is the good bit – one lucky person will be chosen at random from the winning name voters and will be sent a full pack of this year’s swag, including one of the limited edition Vicon figures.

What should our new Vicon Figure be called?

Answer here -

Happy Voting!

The full list of suggestions –

Dotty McDotface Van Vivero
Lego McLegoface
Vivera Vicky McVicface
Mocap McMocapface Mocap McMoface Meyer the Mocap Man
Mo Jo Phil Vance
Major Mocap Moxy Dotty
Mark Valerie Vincezo
Mocap Jo Victoria Molly
Mo Kapman Colin Vogel

Micky Mocap Monty Mocap
Wiz Vic Verna
Verity Veronica Levi
Moky McMocapface Victor Veer