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Vicon has revolutionized the motion capture (Mocap) industry for over 35 years, by pioneering a range of technologies – from optical to inertial and VR – to allow our customers to capture and analyze motion of all kinds. The VICON Mocap systems consist of specialized cameras that record the movements of markers or sensors attached to the person or object being tracked. The data from the cameras is then processed by Vicon’s proprietary software to create 3D models of the movements. Vicon systems can be used in a variety of applications, including:

1. Entertainment – Work with the leading production studios and game developers to ensure Vicon systems deliver the highest accuracy, flexibility, and performance.

2. Life Sciences – Capture movements of real subjects and provide insights into human motion, to help advance biomechanics, physical therapy, and sports science.

3. Virtual Production – Enable real-time performance capture, pre-visualization, and translation of data into digital animations that are integrated into a virtual environment.

4. Engineering: Provide tracking solutions for leading companies and innovative end users in the engineering industry for many years,

5. Virtual Reality – Create realistic and natural movements for virtual characters and objects and allow users to interact with and manipulate these.

Vicon Motion Systems Ltd is a subsidiary company of Oxford Metrics Plc. We have offices in Yarnton, Denver, Los Angeles & Auckland.

Job Description

We are looking for a talented and experienced UX Designer, to join our UX/UI team in Oxford, England. We work on a wide variety of interesting, technical projects and strive to produce easy-to-use, high-quality, robust applications. We have an informal and friendly company culture and a healthy work/life balance.

You will have a passion for designing complex products that solve real user problems. Your primary responsibility is to ensure that users’ needs, goals, and behaviours are taken into account in the design process, resulting in intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces.

You will work closely with cross-functional teams including UI designers, product managers, developers, and other stakeholders to create effective design solutions that align with business objectives. Candidates should have a portfolio demonstrating high-quality designs tackling complex design challenges.


• Collaborate with cross-functional teams to design and implement user-centered solutions for complex products.

• Conduct user research and analysis to understand how users interact with interfaces and identify opportunities for improvement.

• Create user personas to represent the different types of users who will use the product.

• Create user scenarios and user journeys to outline the steps users take to accomplish their goals.

• Design wireframes, prototypes, and mockups to visualize the interface design and test it with users.

• Work with developers and product managers to ensure design specifications are implemented accurately and efficiently.

• Conduct usability testing to evaluate the effectiveness of the design and incorporate user feedback into future iterations.

• Develop and maintain design guidelines, standards, and best practices.

• Stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices to ensure that the product stays competitive and provides a superior user experience.


• Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in design, human-computer interaction, or related field.


• 3+ years of experience as a UX Designer, with a strong portfolio of complex product designs.

• Strong understanding of user-centered design principles and methodologies.

• Strong proficiency in design and prototyping tools such as Figma

• Ability to communicate complex design concepts clearly and effectively to stakeholders.

• Experience working in an agile development environment.

• Experience with user research methodologies such as usability testing, surveys, and interviews

• Excellent communication and presentation skills


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