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Designed with life sciences in mind, Nexus has a host of automated features, intelligent processing and flexible controls. Nexus is the only platform you need for your life sciences application.


Vicon partners with Theia Markerless to unlock markerless motion tracking for life sciences within the Vicon Nexus ecosystem.


Designed with the needs of our VFX customers in mind, take advantage of our renowned software and cut your production time. For media and entertainment applications, bring your characters to life in high definition.


Working seamlessly with Vicon’s Blue Trident sensors, Capture.U offers real-time data overlaid on video, allowing you to make informed decisions right where you need it – on the pitch, trackside, poolside, courtside or in the lab.


Intelligent software designed to deliver the ultimate in immersive virtual environments. Evoke delivers the most authentic, real-time experience you can get for location based VR.


Whether tracking robots, rigid bodies or humans, Tracker opens up a world of possibilities to capture motion in highly exacting environments and deliver the most precise real-world data.


Vicon Polygon offers you reporting and presentation tools to communicate and share your data professionally. Polygon gives you the tools to communicate what matters most.


Vicon ProCalc is a visual application for creating custom kinematic models, variables and event calculations using a simple wizard-based system. Load C3D trial files, create new calculations and visualize outputs in an integrated 3D workspace. Variables and events calculated in ProCalc can be written back into the C3D file or exported directly to Excel.

Datastream SDK

A flexible and easy way for users to stream in
real time to 3rd party programs and Plug-Ins.

Vicon Control

Free yourself from the capture PC. Vicon Control is our first tablet and phone application designed to make setting up your Vantage, Vero, T-Series and Bonita system easier than ever.

Oxford Foot Model

The Oxford Foot Model is available as a plug-in that seamlessly integrates with Vicon Nexus.


Visual effect, entertainment and media motion capture system software. Complete system management, capture, realtime visualization, data editing and post production software.

Vicon Product Licensing

This is a stand-alone installer for the latest version of Vicon’s licensing utility.


Manages system connections, command and control, setup, configuration, communication, telemetry and image streaming feedback, download and transcoding of captured data.


CaraPost is the automated tracking and reconstruction product for the Cara facial capture system. It will accept .pico files generated in CaraLive and process the to 3D point output.


PyCara is a collection of Vicon Cara-related python utilities. PyCara contains subpackages allowing the user to script CaraPost processing (including blob detection and tracking), and to read both CaraPost files (.cara) and the capture files generated by CaraLive (.pico).


Pegasus is Vicon’s retargeting software that will take streaming data from Tracker, Shogun, Nexus or Blade and allow it to be applied to a custom skeleton or model.


ProEclipse is installed as the data management component for Vicon Nexus and Polygon.

Vicon Video Viewer

The Vicon Video Viewer is a tool that allows users to view Shōgun and Nexus propriety raw video format – VVID.


BodyBuilder is free to for those with an active Nexus 2 License.

Camera Firmware

The firmware update utility provides a robust guided workflow that allows you to update your camera firmware.

Vicon IMU Lightning WIN

IMU Lightning is a desktop application. It is used to download stored data from up to 2 sensors concurrently, and export it as Comma separated variable (CSV) files.

Vicon IMU Lightning OSX

IMU Lightning is a desktop application. It is used to download stored data from up to 2 sensors concurrently, and export it as Comma separated variable (CSV) files.

Models, Scripts, Sample Data

Sample Data, Examples, Models and Gait Kinematics and Kinetics.

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