File Name: Blade_3.3.1.87681h_x64.zip

Blade 3.3 is an update for our Vicon Blade application that introduces a number of new features and addresses a set of issues reported since the release of Blade 3.2. A significant focus on quality and stability means that more than 170 bugs have been addressed in Blade 3.3.

Blade 3.3 Features Include:

  1. The display ray contributions for trajectories in post processing and the ability to save these in HDF
  2. Circle fitting methods are now colour coded and displayed
  3. Software-fitted circles can be visualised in live and post processing and can be saved in HDF
  4. Improved floor plane calibration operation
  5. Hardware settings can be loaded and saved from the Calibration Editor
  6. Module selection-sensitive context menus are available in all views and in the Selection Editor

Blade 3.3 supports connections to Vicon Vantage, T-Series and Bonita platforms as well as connections to Mixed Camera Systems (Vantage / T-Series + Bonita Optical).

Highlighted Bugs Fixes Include:

  • Fixes to improve offline reconstruction quality
  • Fixes to improve offline axiom labelling quality
  • Improvements in post processing performance
  • A new option has been added to clear existing labels before running axiom labelling post processing operation
  • Added the ability to globally disable log messages
  • Improved the display of lists such as characters in the capture editor.
  • Fixed problem that occurs when the button shelf scripts are in non-standard location.
  • The export dialog now remembers last frame rate used
  • Fixed a series of crashes related to file and folder attributes browse button
  • There’s been a large number of fixes for issues related to the UI
  • Pane docking within Blade has been improved
  • Ability to dock floating dialogs together has been reinstated
  • Buttons in the time bar to set the play range have be reinstated


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