File Name: Nexus_2.5.0.93422h_x86.zip

Nexus 2.5 is the latest point release for Vicon Nexus. This update adds a set of customer requested features as well as addressing issues reported following the release of Nexus 2.4.

Highlighted Features:
  1. Gait Deviation Index (GDI) Operation
  2. A New Subject Viewer Pane
  3. Automatic Communication Panel Collapse on Trial Load Option
  4. Improved Data Quality Panel
  5. Video Transcode/Transfer Pipeline Operation
Other Features:
  • A new export MOT operation has been added
  • The MoXie viewer export operation has been updated for Nexus 2.x
  • Files can now be loaded by dragging and dropping onto the Nexus window
  • A new operation to update skeleton parameters (VST)
  • The ability to delete model outputs for a subject
  • Graph axis scales are now remembered by Nexus
  • User can administer Vicon Control devices
  • A new option to "Delete cropped events"
  • Windows 10 compatible Basler Pylon5 drivers are now supported
  • Python API provides access to Unlabeled Trajectories
  • The Vicon Offline Data SDK allows users to set a region of interest
  • The Vantage camera tempature icons have been made clearer
  • A reset footstrikes hotkey has been added
  • The font size for the footstrike counters can be adjusted
  • User can now adjust the resolution of any exported 3D workspace AVIs
  • Trajectory cones sizes are now adjustable
  • SCORE & SARA residuals can be viewed in the log
  • A notification was added if the preferred Master sync device is not present
  • PiG Matlab now auto detects first and last frames


Nexus 2.5 is compatible with and fully supported under the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. Installation, software operation and required third-party drivers have been tested under this operating system. Vicon recommends the Windows 7, 64-bit operating system for use with Nexus 2.5. Nexus 2.5 has also undergone limited testing under the Windows 10 operating system. Although Vicon Nexus may install and function under other Microsoft Windows operating systems, this is not officially supported or recommended by Vicon.

Basler video cameras and Nexus 2.5

If Basler digital cameras will be connected to Nexus 2.5, ensure you have updated to the Basler Pylon5 SDK and drivers (v5.0.0), which are available from the Vicon website.

If you are using an Intel i340, i350 or i210 network card, when you install the drivers, select the option for Filter drivers, not Performance drivers.


The Pylon5 driver supports:

    • Basler GigE cameras under both Windows 10 and Windows 7.
    • Basler FireWire cameras (A600 series) under Windows 7 only.
MATLAB and Nexus 2.5

If you are planning to use MATLAB with Nexus 2.5, ensure that, in addition to installing MATLAB, you need to install the .Net Framework version 4.5.

Systems supported in Nexus 2

Before you install Vicon Nexus 2.5, note the following limitations on supported systems:

  • Nexus captures data only from Vicon systems (including Vicon Vero, Vicon Vue, Vicon Vantage, T‑Series, F‑Series, MX+, MX, Bonita cameras, and units).
  • Nexus 2.5 does not support connection to the Reference Video System (Nexus Slave application).