Blade 2.1.6


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Maintenance point release of Blade 2 with large number of issues resolved and some feature and functionality improvements including:

  • Quick Post processing speed has been dramatically increased for most data sets.

  • A new Quick post Labeling setting, Boot every frame, lets you prioritize labeling quality over speed.

  • When you select this option, the labeler attempts to boot subjects on every frame.

  • Licensing has been simplified and standalone licenses and commuter licenses are supported.

  • After subject calibration, visual feedback on labeling constraint covariance is displayed by default, as an indication of calibration quality and to help to identify any issues.

  • In addition to displaying the default square grid in the virtual capture volume, you can specify a rectangular floor grid.

  • To avoid accidental overwriting of captured data, the Allow Overwriting of Existing Files option has been removed from the Capture editor.

  • Constraint offsets are no longer drawn by default when a labeling setup is created.

  • Optical camera image plane visualization is now off by default.

  • Improved character selection in Character Editor.

Some other small changes have been made and a large number of issues have been addressed.


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Windows 7 64 bit

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