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Blade 3.2.2 is a patch update for our Vicon Blade application that address a set of issue reported since the release of Blade 3.2.

Multiple fixes and improvements have been made in Blade 3.2.2 to occlusion fixing during post processing, most notably, the option to apply fixed markers to the scene or only use them for the solve can be now used during any post processing combination.

Additional to this a new dialog for firmware reprogramming has been added to the Camera Calibration editor. It replaces the ReprogramMXDevicesUI script and provides a richer are more stable means of managing device firmware.

Multiple docking bugs have also been addressed, mostly related to tabbing and floating editors have been fixed.

Other Highlighted Fixes Include:

  1. Camera numbers are maintained even when the system has not yet been calibrated

  2. The CTRL + Space marking menu have been fixed and work properly

  3. When Blade is restarted floating editors no longer lose their Minimize and Maximize buttons and LED / Display status is correctly remembered

  4. Preview mode is now fully functional for Vantage Cameras

  5. Blade post works as expected following a reconstruct only operation

User with Vantage platform hardware are recommended to update to Vicon Firmware 602 at the same time they install Blade 3.2.2


A current Blade 3.x safenet license.

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