CaraLive 1.2.0


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Second point release of Cara facial capture system acquisition and control software.

Manages system connections, command and control, setup, configuration, communication, telemetry and image streaming feedback, download and transcoding of captured data.

New features included in CaraLive 1.2: Very significantly improved calibration speed Addressed issue - Crash When "Local Folder" Location Is Not Found


Quad core 3+GHz processor 4 GB Memory 500 GB hard drive NVidia Quadro 2000 or equivalent graphics cards Windows 7 Professional 64-bit An up-to-date router that is appropriate for your system. For example, Vicon CaraLive has been successfully tested with the ASUS RT-N66U. Two network ports For a licence server: PC connected to a network, which uses either static IP addresses or DHCP. The licence server for CaraLive must either be this machine or be on the same network.

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