Nexus 2.6.0

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Important note: If using an existing Nexus 2.x network license, the license server needs to be updated to the latest version (SentinelRMSLicenseManager9.1.0)


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Nexus 2.6 is the latest point release for Vicon Nexus. This update adds a set of customer-requested features as well as addressing issues reported following the release of Nexus 2.5.


  1. Quick Reports This feature provides a one-click solution for viewing graphical data from a trial or from multiple trials.

  2. Improved event detection and navigation Event detection operations have been improved, making the frames for foot strikes and toe-offs more reliable. A new navigate events controls system makes reviewing event frame placements easier.

  3. Updated Data Management
    ProEclipse is now compatible with 4K resolutions. Data Management workflows have been improved. New backup data and archive options are provided.

  4. Automatic camera numbering Nexus can now assign camera numbers automatically based on camera positions.

  5. Quick Capture mode A capture mode with only the tools required for repeated captures is now available.

  6. Combined force plate feature The output from multiple force plates can be combined visually and for output.

Other additions:

  1. The video file transfer pane now includes a file counter.
  2. A new camera ‘bump’ indicator has been added to the Resources pane.
  3. You can specify frames numbers for a region of interest.
  4. Force vector thresholds for visualization and detection are now separate.


Nexus 2.6 is compatible with and fully supported under the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. Installation, software operation and required third-party drivers have been tested under this operating system. Vicon recommends the Windows 10, 64-bit operating system for use with Nexus 2.6. Although Vicon’s recommended OS is Windows 10, we have performed compatibility testing with Windows 7. Although Vicon Nexus may install and function under other Microsoft Windows operating systems, this is not officially supported or recommended by Vicon.

Basler video cameras and Nexus 2.6

If Basler digital cameras will be connected to Nexus 2.6, ensure you have updated to the Basler Pylon5 SDK and drivers (v5.0.0), which are available from the Vicon website.

If you are using an Intel i340, i350 or i210 network card, when you install the drivers, select the option for Filter drivers, not Performance drivers.


The Pylon5 driver supports:

Basler GigE cameras under both Windows 10 and Windows 7. Basler FireWire cameras (A600 series) under Windows 7 only.

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