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Pegasus 1.2 is a Vicon software application that allows for data from either Vicon Tracker or Blade to be solved onto custom skeletons before streaming out the solved joint data using either the Vicon DataStream SDK or VRPN. The application allows for flexible mapping of the Blade or Tracker data to the target character skeleton using easy to use GUI tools.

Pegasus is available in one of two product variants: Pegasus and Pegasus Advanced. Installation of either product is via the same installer, unlocked version is dependent on your license but a 30 day Pegasus Advanced trial license is included within the installer for convenience.

Pegasus contains all the tools required to retarget joint data from Blade onto a custom character skeleton. In addition to these retargeting tools, Pegasus Advanced allows for skeletal solving to rigid bodies from Tracker.

Integration with the Unreal Engine (4.12) is included as a precompiled plugin and an example script is provided to illustrate how to use the resulting data in Unity3D.

Pegasus is also designed to allow the data to be used in Dassault Systemes V6 Delmia and 3DVIA using a dedicated VRPN output and using Pegasus with Siemens' Jack is made easy with rigid body tracking in Vicon Tracker and the existing plugins for motion capture in Jack and process simulate human.

Further plugins may be available, please contact Vicon support.

Pegasus 1.2 contains a number of features and bug fixes including:

In order to simplify workflow, Pegasus now always streams position data in mm. Data may need to be rescaled if the client application was previously expecting other units of translation.

The latest Unreal plugin automatically detects whether data is being sent from the serving application as Y-Up or Z-Up.

A plugin for Unreal 4.12 is now supplied with Pegasus. 4.13 is available on request.

The retargeted data should now fit within the passed-through data (or data directly from the serving application) regardless of its original orientation. This allows users to easily interpret and use both Pegasus and Tracker data directly, i.e. for HMD tracking in combination with a solved avatar.

As well as many usability feature improvements and bug fixes


Intel Xeon E5-1xxx v2 Processor or better supporting AVX & SSE4.2 processor extensions 8GB RAM 1 GB NVIDIA Quadro K600 or other supporting OpenGL 3.0 Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

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