Polygon 4.3.1


File Name: Polygon_4.3.1.94913h_x86.zip

Polygon 4.3.1 is a patch release for Vicon Polygon. This update adds a number of new features, updates the behavior of some existing features and addresses a series of issues reported following the release of Polygon 4.3

Features or Feature Updates:

  1. Trial name for the currently selected trial is visible on the timebar
  2. A video file title is now displayed at the top of the video pane
  3. Trace line thickness can now be customized in the Normalization Scheme settings
  4. Context Appearance is now automatically Disable when a new trace colour is selected
  5. The data bar area can now be resized

Highlighted Addressed Issues: • The way videos file are loaded into memory has been improved to remove a limit on the number of videos that could be loaded • Having a segment trace displayed when closing Polygon no longer results in a crash • The trace thickness attribute now works correctly for average traces • Context color attribute no longer overrides a custom trace colour • Using the ProEclipse name search box inside Polygon now allows the use of a space in a name • Ctrl-C on graphs with only one context no longer causes error • Playback buttons were previously not available until you graph a variable i.e kinematic • Video devices captured with 90 degree rotations now retain calibrated overlay when you Show Object


A Polygon 4.x license

Window 7 recommended The Polygon installer will now allow installation on Window 10

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