Polygon 4.4.1


File Name: Polygon_4.4.1.111973h.zip

Vicon Polygon offers you reporting and presentation tools to communicate and share your data professionally. Polygon gives you the tools to communicate what matters most.

Polygon 4.4.1 is a patch release of Vicon Polygon 4 that addresses issues reported since the release of Polygon 4.4.

Issues Addressed:

  • Key Stats will display for the stance and the swing phase when calculating the average
  • Polygon Viewer will correctly open hyperlinks when an exported report is saved in a non-ASCII characters folder
  • The 3D workspace Export to AVI function operates correctly
  • Remove Traces function behaves correctly when large numbers of data views are defined


  • Polygon 4.x Safenet license

  • Recommended and fully supported - Windows 10 (64bit) -- with .NET Framework 4.5 and above.

PC Recommendation

Polygon 4 has introduced new visual improvements aimed at making your reports look more visually realistic. This means that the PC recommended for a report building machine is slightly higher than what was required for Polygon version 3.

Vicon recommends a PC with minimum spec of:

  • CPU: Dual Core 2GHz or better
  • Graphics: Discrete NVidia card with 256Mb or better. The graphics card must fully support Open GL
  • RAM: 2Gb (4Gb preferred)

The new updated visuals within Polygon 4 means that having an up to date graphic card driver are essential. Please ensure that you update your graphics driver to the most currently available driver offered by your graphics card manufacture.

Polygon Viewer on Laptops with an Integrated Intel Graphics Chip

Some onboard Intel based graphics chips do not fully support all aspects of Open GL required for viewing Polygon 4 reports. These graphic chips are not discrete video card solutions.

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