ProEclipse 1.1.1


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ProEclipse 1.1.1 is a patch update for Vicon's data management component ProEclipse.

ProEclipse is installed as the data management component for Vicon Nexus and Polygon. A number of issues were reported following the latest ProEclipse update. This patch update is intended to address those issues.

Issues Addressed:

  1. Trial name does not default to the session name
  2. Mpg and mpeg files do not appear correctly in ProEclipse
  3. Polygon nodes do not update the file icon when saving a Polygon report.
  4. New entries into ProEclipse will not update correctly in data manager window when the active database is on a network drive
  5. ProEclipse can cause a crash when opening the latest calibration files if that file has a date number.


ProEcilpse is compatible with:

  • Vicon Nexus 1.8.5 and above
  • Bodybuilder 3.6.4

ProEclipse 1.1.1 installs with Vicon Nexus 2.6.1 and Polygon 4.3.3

Windows 10 (64bit) --.NET Framework 4.5 and above

Windows 7 (64bit) --.NET Framework 4.5

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