Shōgun 1.0.1


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Shogun 1.0.1 fixes a number of bugs including

LIVE: Subject calibration being slow when lots of clusters are in the system Labeling Cluster Mode is off by default and now warns the user when it's active. This improves subject labeling performance. Markers in the data stream now have occlusion fixing turned on.

POST: Improved object interaction in the 3D workspace. Fixed crash when importing in FBX files getLastFile HSL now returns correct value

Vicon Shogun – Final Quality Skeletal Data by Day’s End. Vicon Shogun is a new motion capture software platform for entertainment users that introduces an exciting new set of innovative features unique to Vicon. Shogun’s new feature set will change the way you work by improving efficiency at each stage of the motion capture workflow, saving you time and delivering the highest quality data in record time. Shogun supersedes the current industry-leading Vicon Blade software. The Shogun platform consists of two executables: Shogun Live and Shogun Post. Shogun allows you to do more than ever possible before in Live. Our new software allows you to calibrate your subject in Live; monitor your camera health frame by frame; see a step change in labelling and solving quality; provides a functional and scaled subject mesh; overlays 3D and calibrated video; directly streams to game engines; all while writing your real-time data directly to disk. Load data into Post in seconds, address issues in a file automatically as it loads, see the overall quality of data presented on your time bar, then make use of the most powerful tools in mocap to polish your take.

Highlighted Features:

A New Streamlined GUI Live Subject Calibration Scaled Subject Mesh with Video Overlay Unbreakable Solving Camera Health Monitoring and Recovery Write Real Time to Disk Drag and Drop to Post Direct Game Engine Streaming Data Health Time Bar


Shōgun 1.0 SafeNet License

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