Shōgun 1.2.0


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Shōgun 1.2 introduces a number of new features including


Custom skeleton support in Shōgun. SDI video support. Prop mesh with manipulator in Live. Vue and SDI video is now part of MCP Review. Live subject calibration feedback. Camera rays are now visible. Marker co-variance is now visible. Improved 3D overlay with opacity slider. Reload Subject button. Removed the idea of Y/Z up in Shogun.


Offline subject calibration. Brighten video files as part of your batching in Shōgun Post. Batch export video files as image sequences in Shōgun Post. Print timecode to videos in Shōgun Post. Zoom the Shōgun Post time bar and easily set range handles. Populate updated subjects across MCP files via batching. Ability to set primary selection color and improved visual representation.

275 bug fixes including: Improved finger-solving using new subject models. Workspace axis is larger and off to the side. Origin in clearly marked on the grid. Improved alias folder management. Improved booting during subject calibration. ExportFBX.hsl no longer has the wrong defaults. Exporting subjects to a folder now only requires one click and defaults to the Subjects folder. Removed 'Keep existing labels’ dialog when removing a subject. Aligned workspace menu in Live and Post. Added a warning window when modifying joint lengths in Post. Added option to remove single frame trajectories from MCP files.


  • Shōgun 1.0 SafeNet License.

N.B. – The licensing system for Shōgun differs from Blade and other Vicon software applications. Although there are two executables (Live and Post) there will only be one licence type = Shōgun (as opposed to Shogun Live and Shōgun Post). Shōgun Post is seat-licensed and requires one free seat of Shogun per instance of the software that is desired to be used simultaneously. Shōgun Live however uses a new ‘catch and release’ concept. Shōgun Live does perform a licence check during launch and must find a valid Shōgun licence, but does not ‘check out’ this licence.

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