Pegasus Unity5 Plugin


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Pegasus Unity5 Plugin for Unity 5.

Delete the installed folder 'Program Files\Vicon\Pegasus1.1\UnityPlugin' and replace with the contents of this zip.

  • To demonstrate the use of Pegasus for retargeting, import the FBX model in the Assets folder into Pegasus and use it as the target skeleton. Then build and run the project in Unity.

  • When building a standalone Unity application, Unity will not automatically copy all of the Vicon DLLs to the target folder. The following files will need to be manually copied to the same folder as the standalone exe:

ViconDataStreamSDK_CPP.dll ViconPegasusSDK_C.dll boost_chrono-vc110-mt-1_55.dll boost_system-vc110-mt-1_55.dll boost_thread-vc110-mt-1_55.dll


x64 Unity 5 installations only.

For 32bit builds for previous versions of Unity3d, please contact Vicon support.

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