Firmware 702 (via Reprogramming Tool)


File Name: CameraReprogrammingTool

The new firmware reprogramming tool provides a more robust guided workflow that allows users to update their firmware more reliably. This was deemed to be important due to the fact that the firmware 702 update contained many changes to camera infrastructure including filesystem changes. Going forwards, Vicon will update this tool for major changes in firmware in order to deploy new versions of firmware alongside the existing in-application firmware reprogramming functionality. This tool will provide a more convenient method for firmware updates and has the additional benefit of allowing firmware releases to be made more proactively.

Bug fixes:

  • Reboot Failure: Camera appears grey in system tree and responds to soft reboot
  • Shifting from 30Hz to 120Hz leaves system in unstable situation
  • Cameras not booting up on software launch reliably
  • Enabling genlock in Blade causes Vantage to crash
  • Framerate change causes cameras to stop sending data.
  • Vue not delivering data when Bonita 720C joins the system
  • Vero13 and Vue unreliable boot when system is at 50Hz and Nexus is started
  • Vue video calibration overlay incorrect
  • Stability issues at 250Hz
  • Strobe type is incorrectly reported for Vero cameras running firmware 700\701
  • Bonita Video one frame ahead of optical following restart
  • Vue colour balance improvement
  • Vue camera in 720p mode report incorrect image offset

Upgrading systems with Bonita Video cameras present may require changes to the shutter period, as there has been a change in strobe timing


A Vicon system that includes:

Bonita B3 or B10




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