Firmware 707 (via Reprogramming Tool)


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The firmware update utility provides a robust guided workflow that allows you to update your camera firmware.

Version 1.2.1 of the tool has now been updated to incorporate the latest FW package(707).

Whilst this package contains changes only for Vantage cameras, it will be beneficial to install this package on all hardware to ensure compatibility and ease of upgrade with future releases.

When the utility is installed and started, unblock it from the Windows firewall in order for it to communicate with the cameras and reprogram them.

Note: Starting other Vicon software during the operation of the reprogramming tool may interrupt the updating process.

Issues Addressed:

  • Mixed system stability has been improved at specific rates (150Hz)
  • General camera stability above 200Hz has been improved
  • Cameras temperature readings from the onboard sensors are more reliable
  • Low jitter mode in supported versions of Vicon Tracker is now enabled on camera startup
  • Corrected an issue with data deliver when marker passes in or out of the top edge of the camera image
  • Cameras stability has been improved for Vantage V5 when running at less common freq (540Hz)
  • System sync is more robust at 200Hz when using multiple network switches
  • Shifting from 100fps to 250fps no longer causes the cameras to flicker grey
  • Vantage V8 are more stable after framerate changes to 500Hz
  • Cameras now more reliably release sync mastership when a Lock+ re-joins the system after a reboot


Vantage, Vero or Vue camera based systems

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