How are the X, Y and Z axes orientated on the sensor?

The sensor axes orientation can be found in the sensor spec sheet here:
Sensor Specification Sheet

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How do I attach the sensors to the body?

We provide sensor straps for attaching sensors to the upper and lower limbs. Sensors can also be strapped to the body using physiotherapy strapping tape, and can still maintain a wireless connection when taped within an athlete's strapping.

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How do I orientate the sensors when attaching them?

Best practise for sensor placement is what we call the "man-up" position.

  • The black half of the sensor is closest to the body, with orange facing out.
  • The IMU Man is standing up, with the on/off switch pointing down.

It is useful employing this method as it helps knowing sensor orientation when interpreting your data during analysis.

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What devices can I use to control my IMU Sensors?

You can use our sensors with any Apple iOS device released since 2014. We recommend you use the latest iOS Software on your device when using our applications.

If you have a Vicon system, you can control your IMU sensors from your machine running Nexus 2.7 and above.

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My computer doesn't seem to be able to detect my sensors. Now what?

Make sure you have downloaded and installed all the required drivers ( when using Lighting to download data.

If your sensors are still not recognised, unplug your sensors, turn them off and on, then plug them in again.

If the problem persists, contact Vicon Support.

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Is my data filtered in any way when I download it?

No. The data you collect is unfiltered and transparent. This allows you to utilise the most appropriate filtering techniques for deriving the metrics you want.

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Why is my sensor not collecting at exactly 1000Hz?

The sensors collect at different sampling rates because the crystals used in the sensor circuitry are not perfectly identical to one another.  These crystals control the measurement frequency.  Thus, each sensor measures at slightly different sampling rates (e.g. 999.99 Hz vs 1000.01 Hz).  We use time syncing to help with these small differences.  This is also why there will not be an equal number of data points in each log per sensor.

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What is accelerometers saturation point for the sensors?

The accelerometer saturates at ±16g (±156.9 m/s/s) in each axis.

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Why is my sensor not connecting to Vicon Nexus?

To connect IMU sensors in Vicon Nexus, ensure that:

  • The operating system is Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Nexus 2.8 and above
  • The sensors are connected to the Bluetooth in Microsoft Bluetooth & other devices

In Vicon Nexus, if the sensor is unable to connect, an error message will be displayed in the log if:

  • you have previously paired the IMU sensor with another PC,
  • the sensor firmware is out-of-date,
  • have recently updated the sensor firmware,

To clear the Bluetooth cache:

  1. In Microsoft Bluetooth & other devices, select the IMU sensor and remove the device.
  2. Open Lightning Desktop

    Download Lightning

  3. On the first time of using the application, download the CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers:

    Download Drivers

  4. Turn on the IMU sensor and plug in via USB.
    Note that only two sensors can be connected at one time.
    The IMU sensor number is displayed.
  5. Select Clear Bluetooth and then select Clear all devices.
    This clears the Bluetooth cache on the IMU sensor.
  6. Reconnect the IMU sensor in Microsoft Bluetooth.
  7. Open Vicon Nexus and connect the IMU sensor.
    The sensor is connected. 
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What is the latest firmware version for the IMU sensor?

The latest IMU sensor firmware is available via the IMU Research app. Both Vicon Nexus and IMU Research notify you if the firmware is out-of-date.

  • In Vicon Nexus, after connecting your sensor, the following error message is displayed in the log:

Unable to connect, Firmware is out of date and needs to be updated.

  • In the IMU Research app, on the Select Sensors window, the IMU is displayed with a warning symbol in the middle of the sensor. This indicates that the firmware is out-of-date and needs updating.
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How do I update the IMU sensor to the latest firmware?

To update the firmware for an IMU sensor, you must use the IMU Research app (iOS):

  1. If there is no session in IMU Research, create a session. To do this, tap the + in the top right of the app, then name the Session and tap Done.
  2. Tap the session.
  3. Select New Trial, name the trial and then tap Start Capture.
  4. Ensure the IMU sensor is turned on.
    The sensor is displayed under Select Sensors with a warning symbol in the middle of the sensor.
  5. Select the sensor you want to update.
    A message is displayed: Firmware Update Required.
  6. Tap Update.
    During the firmware update, do not close the app or shut down the device until completion.
    Upon completion, a message is displayed: Firmware Update Complete.
  7. Tap OK.
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Why is my IMU data not transferring in Vicon Nexus?

If, when you select Transfer Files for the IMU sensor, the progress bar does not change, ensure the CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers have been installed. Download the drivers from:

Download Drivers

With Nexus closed, install the drivers and restart the PC.

Launch Nexus, attach the sensor and re-try the IMU data transfer.

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