How do I request a license for current Vicon Software?

To request a licenese:
1. If you are using a SafeNet dongle to license your machine:
  • Ensure you have installed the latest dongle drivers onto the PC on which you will run Vicon Software. Select the option for dongle drivers when you install Vicon Software.
  • Insert the dongle.

2. On the machine for which you want the licence (either a networked licence server or a standalone machine), start Vicon Software and when prompted click Request License (note that some software ships with a 30 day trial license and you will not be prompted until this has expired).

3. At the top of the Request a License dialog box, select the installed software and version you want to licenses.

4. In the appropriate fields, type your name, email address and company name.

5. In the Options area, select whether to request:

  • Standalone license locked to local PC name: for use by the PC from which you are sending this request only
  • Network license locked to licence server name: for use on the licence server machine from which you are sending this request by one or more PCs on the same network
  • Standalone license locked to a dongle: for use with the specified dongle on a single PC. In the Dongle ID field, type the ID, which is found on the dongle
  • Network license locked to a dongle: for use on a licence server machine by one or more PCs via the specified dongle. In the Dongle ID field, type the ID, which is found on the dongle

6. For network/server based licences only: if necessary, change the value for the Number of Seats.

7. Leave the settings in the Machine area at their default values unless you are asked to change them by Vicon Support (for example, if you are using a dual-booting system or have had to re-install Windows).

8. Do one of the following:

  • If you can currently email your licence request, by clicking Email Request; or
  • If email is currently unavailable, click Save Request to a file, so that you can send the request later. Type or browse to a suitable location and click OK. The file is saved as ViconLicenseRequest*.xml. When possible, email the file to Vicon Support.
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