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RT @PromisedLandAF: Introducing @Vicon — Promised Land technical partner! #PromisedLand2017 More info:

Preparing for @siggraph 2017, for our full body tracking, multi person VR experience. #ViconReality

RT @IKinema: VICON SHOWCASES IKINEMA LIVEACTION AT SIGGRAPH #IKinema #RealismByIKinema @Vicon @siggraph #Siggraph2017 #FullBodyIK @UnrealEn

RT @CSSBiomech: @Hans_von_Lieres doing the recognizable calibration dance getting ready to capture with @vicon vantage in a large outdoor v…

Next week we are at @ISBiomechanics Brisbane with @_Logemas and @IMeasureU, drop by the booth for a chat and demons…

Behind the scenes at the @EASPORTSFIFA shoot for #Fifa18 with @Cristiano and @Audiomotion! #CaptureTheMagic -


First use of motion capture

The first use of motion capture for gait analysis wasn't for human gait! It was conducted on a ram by Dr. Radin in 1980. #didyouknow

The largest markers ever used

The largest markers ever used were approx. 1m wide for an interactive game for 4,000 participants at SIGGRAPH 2004. #didyouknow #vicon30

​Newington Children's Hospital

Newington Children's Hospital was Vicon's first US clinical gait customer, in 1990. #didyouknow #vicon30

Dog motion captured for 101 Dalmatians

The dog motion captured for 101 Dalmatians was not a Dalmatian. It was a Labrador. #didyouknow #vicon30

Capturing the motion of horses

We have captured the motion of horses at full gallop on a treadmill and had markers made for elephant capture. #didyouknow #vicon30