Legendary performance

One of the most advanced motion capture cameras in the world.

A dynamic camera for a changing world

Valkyrie is the new foundation of your motion capture system. Agility, speed and raw power are precision-engineered into every detail.

Created from the ground up based on the invaluable feedback of our global community, Valkyrie builds on more than three and a half decades of Vicon expertise to fit seamlessly into our best-in-class ecosystem.

For biomechanists, for VFX artists, for sports science practitioners, for games developers and metaverse builders, for users whose applications haven’t even been imagined yet, Valkyrie is the tool that will expand your conception of what motion capture can do.

Market-leading resolution

With a resolution of up to 26MP Valkyrie offers incredible clarity.

Intuitive operation

It offers easy aiming and monitoring, with a 30FPS full video preview mode to further streamline your work.

A camera for any environment

With Valkyrie, you can capture movement in a variety of environments, safe in the knowledge that your camera is IP65-rated.

A precision-engineered lens

We built a whole new varifocal lens to increase Valkyrie’s range and precision.

Bleeding edge speeds

The camera’s native speeds go up to 500FPS, and as high as 2000FPS when windowing techniques are used.

One camera built three ways

Valkyrie VK26

Capturing at an incredible 26.2MP and running at 150FPS, the VK26 offers one of the highest resolutions on the market. The VK26 is a powerful next-gen tool and our elite model; the pinnacle of motion capture precision.

Valkyrie VK16

The VK16 offers one of the best speed/resolution ratio on the market, perfect for motion capture practitioners who need to capture fast-moving subjects such as athletes or drones while maintaining uncompromising resolution.

Valkyrie VK8

The VK8 is a cost-effective entry point to the Valkyrie range, providing comprehensive high-quality coverage of your volume for your budget and democratising movement analysis.

Valkyrie VK26Valkyrie VK16Valkyrie VK8
FPS full frame
150 240 500
26.2 16.1 8.0
H FoV (wide)
72 72 72
V FoV (wide)
72 46 42
H FoV (narrow)
54 54 54
V FoV (narrow)
54 35 30

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