Precise wireless data alignment.

Packed with power

Beacon delivers market-leading hard synchronisation of your Vicon wireless devices.

With it you can join your growing family of Vicon wireless devices and Vicon software into one seamless ecosystem.

Beacon converts your system sync pulses into a proprietary RF signal that communicates with your wireless device.

Ultimately this delivers the most precise data alignment in the motion capture world.

RF Sync

Creating a direct RF connection for data alignment of your Vicon wireless devices.

Device sync

Syncs with Vicon devices including Pulsars and Blue Trident.

Plug & play

Making motion capture effortless with simple plug and play technology.

Technical Specifications

RF Comms 2.4 GHz ISM band
Connection type CAT6a FTP / RJ45
Power PoE
Max power consumption 6 W
Dimensions 80 x 80 x 70 mm
Weight 390 g



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