Lock Sync Box

Lock Lab for analog devices

Lock Studio for timecode and HD/SD

Connect, integrate and synchronize third-party devices with your Vicon system.

Lock Lab and Lock Studio are Vicon’s control box for connecting, integrating and synchronizing third-party devices with your Vicon motion capture system.


Vicon Locks make getting started with your Vicon system easier than ever. Simply connect your third-party devices directly into your Lock Lab or Lock Studio, connect to your PoE switch and start capturing.


With a 64-channel analog-digital converter (ADC) and integrated device connection, you can wire your third-party devices directly to your Lock Lab.


Lock units enable you to trigger up to eight third-party devices for external sync via VESA. Lock Studio has an additional SDI input available for synchronizing with compatible cameras as well as analog genlock and timecode.

Lock Lab Rear Panel

Lock Studio Rear Panel


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