Join our markerless Pioneer Program

Help shape our markerless technology and have your say on our roadmap and future plans.

Register your interest in joining our VFX and VR markerless Pioneer Program below.

*The VFX and VR cohort is now closed. We will re-open registration for Life Science and Engineering in due course. You can email us at [email protected].


Vicon is committed to collaborating with organisations, academia, influencers and evangelists as we create a compelling ecosystem around our in-the-works markerless motion capture modality.

Vicon’s Markerless Pioneer Program will provide the Motion Capture community with a platform for exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge and collaborating on the opportunities that markerless motion capture delivers.

Are you interested in using new, dynamic markerless motion capture offerings in your markets?

Do you want to explore potential use cases for markerless? Do you want to see, hear and understand more about Vicon’s imminent entry into the markerless motion capture space? Are you part of the VFX community and use motion capture currently?

It’s not too late to get involved. Whilst our VFX sign up window has closed you can still email us at [email protected]

Want to know more?

What is markerless?

Markerless systems detect motion through the use of camera and computer vision. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) a markerless system recognizes items in the physical world and this powers the motion capture ecosystem.

What is the Pioneer Program?

Through Vicon’s Pioneer Program, the motion capture community will have the opportunity to discover, understand and define how markerless motion capture can be applied in their industries. The Program is intended to unlock the full range of markerless motion capture applications and drive commercially viable, accurate and precision-oriented innovations. Vicon aims to drive a higher level of collaboration, with all players, across key strategic sectors.

Who is the Pioneer Program open to?

Vicon is aiming to enhance the potential for markerless motion capture, for the benefit of all. To accelerate the further development of this technology, Vicon is inviting individual motion capture influencers, evangelists, end user organisations, and technology partners to join.

We’re starting with the VFX (Visual Effects) community, which includes VFX, LBE/VR and virtual production. However, you may be operating in any of our other markets – be that Life Sciences or Engineering.  You may even be in another field, adjacent to one of these markets.

All we ask is that you understand and use motion capture in one or more of its different modalities, and that you are willing and able to commit the time to share your insights, experience and knowledge with us.

How many Pioneers are you looking for?

We are looking for a small and focussed group of Pioneers, ideally spanning different markets, but first and foremost from the VFX motion capture community. We don’t have a specific number as we wouldn’t want to rule out anybody who’s genuinely interested, and keen to collaborate.

Say I become a Pioneer; what now?

Successful Pioneers will be part of a frank and open knowledge exchange with our Pioneer team including Vicon senior management, product and development staff. The Pioneer Program isn’t an Early Adopter program yet; this will come later.  Because we are discussing capturing motion at a theoretical and exploratory level, the Program may take the form of panel debates, webinars, and meetings. The Pioneers will help shape the formats of collaboration. Hands-on use of conceptual technologies will form part of a subsequent Early Adopter Program, which will follow the Pioneer Program.

Why take part?

You get to influence the future of markerless motion capture and what that means for you, your company and the industry as a whole. You’ll be involved from a key stage, shaping our thoughts and technologies to ensure that together we push the boundaries for markerless and redefine the tangible advantages offered by the Vicon motion capture ecosystem.

By opening up the benefits of markerless motion capture for your organisation, whatever that means to you, we believe you’ll be able to achieve things you simply couldn’t do before.

What technical requirements are there to become a Pioneer?

You should have a solid understanding of motion capture, how it works, with learnings from one or more of its different modalities. You must also be an active user of motion capture technologies.  You should also be able to regularly communicate with us virtually and/or in person to share your thoughts and opinions on plans, progress and strategy.

How do I learn more or apply?

Simply complete the contact form on this page, email us at [email protected], or come along and visit us at SIGGRAPH 2023! We’re holding a social event during the show on Wednesday 9th from 6:30pm. This is open to anyone who is interested in the Pioneer Program to find out more about it and to sign up.  Visit this page to book your space.