Vicon, the developer of motion capture products for the life science, entertainment and engineering industries is pleased to announce it has launched a new range within the Bonita product family - Bonita Video.

Bonita Video is the world's first reference video camera designed specifically for motion capture. With Bonita Video, clinicians and researchers are able to record reference video during the mocap process for a 'real-life' visual reference that helps interpret their data in 3D.

Combined with the world's first dynamic calibration technique using the Vicon Active Wand, video and optical cameras can now be calibrated together providing unrivalled accuracy. As well as being fast and powerful like its optical siblings, it is also easy to use.

The Bonita Video range launches with three new cameras. The 720, available in colour or monochrome, has a fully synchronised frame rate of 120Hz that captures every detail in full HD resolution. The monochrome 480m will capture high speed movement with an impressive frame rate of 350fps.