Greater Choice for Researchers to Achieve Wireless Real World Point Tracking & Definition

Research scientists in such fields as sports, training, aerospace, and human movement now have a greater choice in selecting a wireless, long range, highly accurate integrated eye-head tracking system through the combined efforts of Applied Science Laboratories (ASL), the authority in eye-head tracking, and Vicon, the largest developer of advanced motion capture systems. ASL is pleased to add Vicon as a valuable partner in expanding ASL's suite of proven powerful eye-head tracking systems.

The ASL eye tracking system, such as the wireless Mobile Eye-XG eye tracker, with its unique EYEHEAD™ integration technology is combined with Vicon's Bonita next generation motion capture camera and Nexus motion capture software to easily track a participant's eye, head and body movements. These integrated technologies enable the ASL system to provide meaningful digital data on a participant's gaze in real time as he or she views multiple surfaces while moving over a large distance.

Vicon's Bonita camera and Nexus software accurately track a participant's head location and orientation while ASL's wireless eye tracker determines the participant's eye orientation. The combined, synchronized information from Bonita and Nexus with the integrated ASL eye tracker, allows an analyst to know the 3D coordinate of the participant's point of gaze. With Vicon's motion capture technology, additional information can be captured synchronously with the eye-gaze information, such as position, orientation, velocity and acceleration of body segments or objects within the environment.

As a vital component of these combined technologies, ASL's EYEHEAD integration of eye and head position information is necessary to record eye point of gaze on multiple surfaces in 3D space. With EYEHEAD integration, time consuming frame-by-frame examination of video data is no longer required to determine a participant's point of gaze. This leading edge technology allows the acquisition of digital data (gaze position coordinates on a surface plus the distance from the eye to that point) that specifies point of gaze with respect to stationary objects in the environment. Without restricting the participant's motion, EYEHEAD integration solves the 3 dimensional, 6 degree of freedom problem of finding the line-of-gaze vector in space and solving for its intersections with multiple flat surfaces.

In making the partnership announcement, Virginia Salem, Customer Relations at ASL said, "We are very excited to give more researchers, including current Vicon customers, the opportunity to combine ASL wireless eye tracking with the Vicon motion capture system, so they can gather valuable digital data in real time while their participants enjoy freedom of movement."

Derek Potter, Life Science Product Manager at Vicon said, "Partnering with ASL means that Vicon customers can now take advantage of one of the industry's leading eye tracking solutions. Combing the worlds of eye tracking and 3D motion data inside the ASL application provides more extensive subject information and opens many exciting possibilities for researchers in Biomechanics, Ergonomics, Motor Control and Psychology."