Vicon, developer of motion capture products for the entertainment, engineering and life science industries, announces its T-Series system was used on the video game Dead Island Riptide which reached number 1 in the gaming charts.

Dead Island Riptide is an action role-playing survival horror game and a sequel to 2011's Dead Island. Riptide takes place immediately after the ending of Dead Island, with the four immune survivors - ex-American football player Logan Carter, rapper Sam B, Hong Kong police officer Xian Mei, and Australian bodyguard Purna - landing on a military ship after escaping from the prison island.

Alvernia Studios were established in 2006 and is the largest motion capture studio in Poland.

Using a 24 camera T160 system with Blade software; Alvernia captured data for the main characters and Zombies which they then supplied to Techland, the developer of the game. Techland applied the motion capture data into the characters which were used in the gameplay and cut scenes. "For this project we needed to capture the body and fingers of multiple actors in a large volume. T-Series with Blade handled this beautifully, delivering crystal clear data. Thanks to the Blade software we're able to customise our pipeline to how we want to work, making it more efficient and a joy to work with". Łukasz Zawłocki, Head of Motion Capture Department, Alvernia Studios.

Alvernia has used their Vicon system on games such as Dead Island, Gears of War: Judgement, Call of Juarez: The Cartel, The Witcher Series and many more.