Vicon, the motion capture technology specialist for the entertainment, defense, life sciences and engineering industries, announces that it worked with Concept Space, a Russian animation studio, to create the mascots for the 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. The mascots were picked based on a national competition during which 24,000 people submitted entries.

Once entries were submitted, an expert jury that included elite representatives of Russian culture, sport and show business, selected ten mascot suggestions for the 2014 Olympic Games and three mascot suggestions for the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games. All of these were subsequently turned into 3D cartoon images presented to the nation during a TV show on Russian network, Channel One.

In less than two months, Concept Space created 50 minutes worth of animations for the TV show. The team of 70 CG professionals used 16 Vicon F40 motion capture cameras to develop ten 3D mascots from scratch.

The three 2014 Winter Olympic winners were: The Leopard, The Polar Bear and The Hare. The 2014 Winter Paralympic winners were: The Ray of Light and The Snowflake. The winning mascots can be viewed on the official website.

Daniil Liberman, Founder of Concept Space said:

"A big challenge for us was to combine the live action with the animation so it looked completely natural. The fact that so many people voted – a record 1.4 million in total – shows that we managed to pull it off. There was a huge amount of pressure on us – the winners will be representing both the 2014 Olympics and Russia, but the Vicon system helped us make the impossible, possible. Vicon's real-time capability makes the production process really efficient with a high quality result."