Mocap and 3D tracking technology companies partner to offer studios a merged hybrid system for accurate, facial tracking and cutting edge realism

Vicon , the motion capture technology specialist for the entertainment, defense, life sciences and engineering industries, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with Dynamixyz, specialists in high-quality facial analysis and synthesis. The partnership will focus on providing mocap studios and service providers with more options and increased accessibility for capturing and analysing facial mocap data in games and films.

The partnership builds on Vicon's continued commitment to developing flexible technology such as Cara, Vicon's pioneering facial motion capture system. And to ensure that the technology can be easily integrated in to a multitude of pipelines, satisfying the many and varying challenges faced by today's studios.

As part of the agreement, Dynamixyz has developed a system, Performer-Multiview, compatible with Vicon's Cara facial capture system when used in a multi-camera configuration. This allows studios to capture high quality facial performance data and create characters with outstanding accuracy and clarity. Additionally, the Dynamixyz and Vicon cooperation will help ensure future innovation and development to keep pace with studios changing requirements.

Following an intense period of research and development, Dynamixyz has successfully streamed Vicon Cara data through an updated Dynamixyz system with high resolution results that combine both markerless and marker-based feature capture for accurate facial character creation.

'We've been developing facial tracking tools in a wide range of applications for more than ten years now, and to meet the changing needs of our customers, we anticipated that the next big logical step for accurate facial capture was to enable the use of multi-view systems. We are delighted to work with a pioneering industry leader like Vicon, and hope our combined systems will provide further flexibility and accessibility to studios, big and small in producing high quality facial animation' said Gaspard Breton, CEO of Dynamixyz.

'Throughout the development of Cara, one of our main goals was always to ensure we kept pipeline flexibility open for our customers through a fully modular design. And it has always been our focus to ensure collaboration with other market leading performance capture providers to create an effective pathway through this emerging discipline' said Phil Elderfield, entertainment product manager, Vicon. 'Our partnership with Dynamixyz ensures we continue to provide studios with the tools they need to overcome industry challenges now, and in the future, and push the boundaries of character realism.'

Cara, enables film and games studios of any size to bring characters to life through advanced facial tracking and capture. Offering improved efficiency and performance, it sets the standard for affordable, accessible and high-quality character realism.