Motion capture technology specialist, Vicon, has today announced three new client wins in the entertainment space. Entertainment names Cyborn, MOCAP BCN and The Liverpool Office have recently invested in Vicon Bonita technology to achieve optimum quality, production-ready motion capture data. They join companies including Framestore, EA's The Capture Lab and Snail Games, in China, who have all helped cement Vicon's position as a leading innovator in film and games technology.

Imogen Moorhouse, CEO at Vicon said: 'We found that many indie developers we spoke to were struggling with the quality of the raw data you often get from some previsualization motion capture systems. If you can get production-ready data straight from a previz shoot you can overcome issues like having to settle for rough cuts after a shoot or rely on third-party software for further editing. The aim is to ensure that users of all sizes get access to affordable, high quality and accurate real-time performance capture.'


3D animation and CGI specialists, Cyborn invested in a Bonita 10 configuration and Vicon's real-time animation software, Blade, to ensure it can provide its customers with production-ready data.

Cyborn CEO, Ives Agemans, commented: 'As we grow our studio it's essential that 'quality' remains our core focus and so we needed a professional system that can deliver accurate, real-time results. Vicon Bonita cameras and Blade were the only option that realistically provides all of these things. The upturn in efficiency and performance, despite extreme circumstances since we made the change, has blown us away.'


The animation studio, MOCAP BCN, also invested in Bonita cameras and Blade 2 for projects such as motion capture on the film 'El Somni' as well as several animations for virtual environments like 3D chats and virtual worlds.

Sergi Anglada, at MOCAP BCN added: 'Vicon has always held the best industry reputation in terms of reliability, quality and performance – the cameras are technologically advanced and well designed. We were also impressed with the Blade 2 demo – particularly for QuickPost.'

He continued: 'We expected Vicon to be out of our reach. But we were very surprised to discover how flexible and accessible the Vicon kit is.'

The Liverpool Office

Indie mobile games technology designer and developer, The Liverpool Office, has recently signed a contract with Vicon to install nine Bonita cameras in its specially designed studio for motion capture and tracking on games for smartphones and tablets.

Steve Mitchell, at The Liverpool Office commented: 'Beyond the technology itself, several features attracted us to Vicon as our motion capture technology provider. Firstly as a European developer, evaluation was straightforward and uncomplicated as Vicon has a UK office."

He added: 'We also needed to concentrate on keeping head-count down but without stifling production efficiency. Vicon cameras proved an efficient and reliable option and ticked all the boxes in terms of quality and performance.'

'We've seen one of our strongest periods of global expansion over the last year. Great customer wins like these really demonstrate how essential it is to offer the industry technology solutions that suit the needs of varying types and sizes of studios.' concluded Imogen Moorhouse, CEO at Vicon. 'Our customers expect to be able to work smarter, more efficiently and more creatively. So it's important we continue to match these expectations by evolving existing products and developing new, innovative products for realistic but affordable movement tracking.'