Invests in Cara, Blade and T-series cameras for educational facility giving students the opportunity to work with motion capture professionals

Brazil's Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG) has invested in Vicon motion capture systems for its new motion capture facility, including 32 T40S cameras, three Cara facial capture systems and Blade 2 motion capture software. The Technology of Information and Educational Media laboratory (LabTIME) at UFG will use the new facility to produce a cartoon series focused on socio-environmental issues for TV and educational games in Portuguese, English and Spanish. LabTIME will also use the Vicon systems for post-graduate courses in the production of interactive educational media. LabTIME at UFG is forging partnerships with other universities and professional studios for study exchanges and research projects involving Vicon technologies.

According to Professor Gilson Barreto, coordinator of the Information Technology and Educational Media Laboratory at the Universidade Federal de Goiás, they chose the Vicon solutions to enable the design of high-quality products: "We wanted to install the highest quality motion capture system, not only to give students hands-on experience with the equipment used by the world's leading motion capture studios, but also to attract these very studios to use our facility, giving our students the opportunity to work alongside the best motion capture professionals in the world."

UFG was about to buy a competing motion capture system when it discovered that Vicon systems are available in Brazil. "We were very excited about the Vicon systems," continued Barreto. "With Cara we have the option to use either a dedicated facial capture system or high-resolution optical cameras in the capture volume. And Blade 2's QuickPost feature significantly reduces the amount of data processing needed."

UFG joins Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina as the second university in Brazil to invest in Vicon systems. The systems were sold through Vicon's local partner, Apamed, with Vicon providing direct post-sales support.

"With Vicon systems at the heart of its motion capture facility, UFG is able to offer students training on the industry's most advanced motion capture solutions and alongside leading industry professionals, ensuring they're fully prepared for real-world production environments," said Jeffrey Ovadya, sales director, Vicon. "UFG has built one of the most state-of-the-art educational facilities in the world for performance and facial capture."

Vicon's pioneering Cara facial motion capture system enables UFG to bring characters to life through advanced facial tracking and capture. The modular system, available as a standalone product or integrated as part of a full Vicon motion capture workflow, offers improved efficiency and performance, setting the standard for affordable, accessible and high-quality character realism.

Vicon's Blade 2 real-time motion capture software enables effective production pipelines and workflow efficiency with real-time performance, and integrates seamlessly with Vicon's T-Series and Bonita camera ranges. Its QuickPost feature allows users to automate the post processing workflow, including reconstruction, labelling, fixing and solving, reducing the need for time-intensive manual clean up.

The T-Series is Vicon's flagship line of cameras, offering the highest resolution and precision available for motion capture in any environment. The T40S is afour-megapixel camera offering 515 fps, providing both high resolution and high speed.