The University’s lab is armed with T-Series cameras and Nexus software for its new Physical Therapy Program launching fall 2016

Vicon, the motion capture technology specialist for the life sciences, media and entertainment, and engineering industries, today announced that the University of Mount Union in Ohio has installed in a Vicon system for its new Motion Analysis Laboratory. The university intends to launch a Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, pending the appropriate approvals, in fall 2016 that will benefit from the new lab and Vicon motion capture system, allowing students to analyze movements with greater accuracy.

Dr. Robert M. Frampton, PT, DHCE, MPT, chairperson and director of physical therapy at University of Mount Union, decided to invest in the system based on previous experience with Vicon systems. “Vicon software is easy to learn, accurate and reproducible,” he said. “Vicon’s customer support, installation and user interfaces are superior to other systems’. They’ve supported us from the beginning as we looked to build and equip the lab with various components, and their systems integrate well with other leading vendors’ equipment.”

The Motion Analysis Lab will be equipped with Vicon T-series cameras and Nexus 2 software integrated with force plates, EMG systems and other components. The lab’s research will focus on pre- and post-surgical alterations in knee and hip joint replacements, gait analysis, motion capture, and the sensory system. The Vicon system will allow information about a movement’s speed, direction, force and muscular activity to be represented diagrammatically, enabling the original image of the movement to be superimposed on a represented skeletal system created from the image data.

“The University of Mount Union’s Vicon system will give future physical therapy doctoral students the speed and accuracy they need for movement research,” said Jeffrey Ovadya, sales and marketing director, Vicon. “Mount Union is the latest to join the growing number of prestigious research institutions, hospitals and private medical practices that are investing in Vicon systems, reinforcing the company’s position as the gold standard in motion capture.”