Vicon motion capture analysis helps create smart prosthetic that wearers can adjust using a mobile app

Vicon, the motion capture technology specialists for the life sciences, engineering, and entertainment industries, announced today that Orthocare Innovations, a developer of advanced orthotic and prosthetic devices, relied on Vicon systems to develop the new Triton Smart Ankle. Motion data collection was used to precisely capture the movements of the foot, enabling Orthocare to make a prosthetic that gives people better mobility and stability in everyday situations and terrains.

Orthocare has partnered with Ottobock, a global leader in the field of prosthetics, to bring unique, microprocessor-controlled prosthetics to patients worldwide. The Triton Smart Ankle, the first of the two companies’ products, allows the wearer to adjust the height and angle of their prosthetic using a mobile app to give them better mobility and stability in different situations such as wearing heels, walking up stairs, or working out.

“The only way you can really capture natural motion is through motion capture,” said Michael Orendurff, PhD, senior scientist and director, biomechanics laboratory at Orthocare Innovations. “Vicon systems allow us to track intricate movements that we can measure, and analyze the resulting data. This helped us develop a prosthetic that’s an extension of the wearer, giving them the opportunity to do the same things anyone with two natural limbs can.”

“For over 30 years, Vicon has been helping life sciences organizations overcome the challenges involved in cutting-edge movement research,” said Jeffrey Ovadya, sales and marketing director, Vicon. “Innovative companies like Orthocare Innovations count on Vicon systems to deliver the highly accurate data they need to develop revolutionary products like the Triton Smart Ankle.”