Vicon system delivers precise motion tracking, making the EASTON Power Sensor accurate and consistent enough for the professional player

Vicon, the motion capture technology specialists, announced today that Blast Motion used Vicon technology to certify the accuracy of the EASTON Power Sensor. The sensor is Easton Baseball/Softball’s first-ever precision swing motion sensor to help players of all abilities hit with more power and efficiency. Blast Motion used a five-camera Vicon system to help them ensure precision motion tracking.

“The Vicon system was a critical component in our development of the motion tracking sensors,” said Donovan Prostrollo, senior director, marketing, Blast Motion. “When you compare it to other systems and technologies out there it’s incredibly accurate. Vicon’s technology transcends boundaries—it represents an opportunity for us to take our solution and apply it to any sport or any other vertical and be confident that our solution is going to work well. It’s true motion analysis and it’s a very powerful tool to have at our disposal.”

The EASTON Power Sensor, which slips over the knob of any baseball or softball bat, is designed to capture highly accurate swing metrics and deliver advanced performance analysis. It captures and stores a wide range of 3D data—including time to contact, swing speed, energy transfer, bat path angle, power and efficiency—and intelligently combines these metrics with video. The powerful new swing analysis tool automatically detects a player’s swing and creates a series of video highlights.

The sensor needed to be approachable enough for the general consumer but precise enough for the pro player to get accurate metrics. Blast Motion used the Vicon system to ensure the accuracy of the sensor technology, enabling them to see fine details and capture motion in a way that other systems can’t.

“For real-time data to be integrated and adopted into the baseball culture, our users have to be 100 percent confident in the product and we have to be confident that the product has been validated,” said Henry Fitzpatrick, product manager, Easton Baseball/Softball. “When it comes to swinging a baseball bat, the difference between 5 mph and 10 mph can be extremely significant to a player. This was one of the main reasons EASTON turned to Blast Motion and Vicon.”

“EASTON looked to Blast Motion to ensure accuracy and consistency, and that is exactly what their Vicon system helped them achieve,” said Jeffrey Ovadya, sales and marketing director, Vicon. “With Vicon, Blast Motion was able to pass Easton’s rigorous due diligence with unparalleled precision and develop a powerful product that bridges the gap between the amateur and the pro player.”