New for 2017 – Cara Lite

A low cost of entry combined with a simpler setup offers studios of all sizes the opportunity to add facial capture to their productions. 
Pipeline Integration
Cara Lite has been designed to meet the needs of today’s full performance pipelines. Featuring a modular dual- or single-camera configuration, Cara Lite works with established facial tracking solutions from Dynamixyz, Faceware and Cubic Motion.
Helmet Compatibility
Cara Lite can also be used with several third-party helmets including Standard Deviation and Mocap Design M2. (Note that no helmet is supplied as standard, but a helmet can be added as an optional extra.)
The Cara system is built on production-proven technology, enabling full wireless timecode sync with body motion capture and the ability to record directly to the actor, reducing technical issues on set.
The Cara system supports all industry-standard frame rates and records 720p video at up to 60fps.
System Expandability
The Cara system is the only commercially available system to enable up to 10 systems to be run simultaneously.  Cara Live can be run across multiple machines with a master source such as Vicon Shōgun triggering all the systems remotely.
Modular Construction
Cara Lite's modular design allows additional cameras to be added to Cara Lite, enabling users to make use of the full Cara pipeline.

CARA lite 2 camera into Dynamixyz stereo solver 

Cara Camera Cable Clamp Assembly Instructions