The world's first out of the box, end-to-end
facial motion capture system


CaraLive is the software at the heart of the Cara system during setup and capture. It allows the user to fully manage the system from setup through the entire capture process.

CaraLive features wireless streaming for constant monitoring with the addition of a color-coded feedback system to alert for possible problems with the capture, allowing operators to take action when necessary.

Whether you're capturing marker based images for use in CaraPost or elsewhere, or you just want high-quality images for use in another processing pipeline. CaraLive gives control and confidence during the capture session.

The latest version of CaraLive includes:

  • Improved auto exposure for variable lighting conditions
  • The ability to specify a region of interest on which to base your exposure settings
  • Improved blob detector for more accurate tracking
  • View navigation improvements, allowing you to choose between single camera or multi-camera view


CaraPost provides the engine and the tools to extract high-quality 3D point data from Cara capture footage. Using the images and calibrations created with CaraLive, CaraPost automatically identifies the markers and tracks them. Creating a 3D point representation of the markers on the actors face ready for export into the users' choice of 3rd party software. CaraPost also provides tools for semi-automated or supervised tracking. Saving time and effort in processing 3D facial capture data.

The latest version of CaraPost includes:

  • Faster, more accurate blob detector for more accurate 3D dots
  • The ability to initialize once and use across multiple takes
  • Much faster delivery of higher quality data