Simple calculations are at your fingertips with Vicon's new wizard-based event and variable calculation system. Using information stored within the C3D file, ProCalc's pre-defined, biomechanically relevant operations enable you to easily calculate outputs and variables.

Vicon ProCalc is a new visual application for creating custom kinematic models, variables and event calculations using a simple wizard-based system. Load C3D trial files, create new calculations and visualize outputs in an integrated 3D workspace. Variables and events calculated in ProCalc can be written back into the C3D file or exported directly to Excel.


ProCalc's wizard-based calculation building system doesn't require a complicated syntax language, which means getting started is simple. You can create custom variables of different types, including points, vectors, lines, planes and segments, and you can perform calculations on these variables using a large number of preconfigured functions such as arithmetic calculations, projections, comparisons and vector algebra.


Previewing calculations in the 3D workspace can be a valuable tool in learning and teaching situations, allowing you to alter or correct the calculations before running your calculation scheme.


Variables produced in ProCalc can be visualized in the 3D workspace in two ways.

The Calculations Indicator will display the specific visual indicators for you calculations. These include Modeled Markers, Segment Axes and Joint Angles.In Variable Graph Display mode, you can view a graph of the selected variable from a calculation scheme.


After you've created a set of variable or event calculation schemes you can process multiple trials with a single click by using the batch processor inside ProCalc.