Bonita Video

Vicon's first reference video camera designed from the ground up for motion capture, builds on over 30 years of innovation. Bonita Video gives you fully synchronised reference video in beautiful HD.


Capture every detail in HD. The Bonita 720C boasts HD resolution with an impressive synchronized frame rate of 120 fps Combined with our Dynamic Video Calibration process using the Vicon Active Wand, your video and optical data can be calibrated simultaneously across multiple frames, giving you unparalleled accuracy across the entire volume.


If speed is your thing, the Bonita 480m was designed for you. An impressive frame rate of 350 fps means the fast, dynamic movements of a professional athlete are captured with confidence. For high fidelity complex foot modelling, the 720c will give you reference video with clarity.


The beauty of Bonita Video is the ability to mount them anywhere, with the latest Vicon optical system. Three different cameras, two different speeds and custom mounting options, means Bonita Video has the flexibility you need to take your research to the next level.


Just like Vicon's optical cameras, Bonita Video is easy to set-up. It uses a single cable to provide everything it needs – power, data and synchronization. Calibrate with your T-Series or Bonita optical cameras and start recording instantly.



The Bonita 720C captures reference video in beautiful HD at 120 fps. It is the best choice for traditional gait and biomechanics applications where you need to see every detail. The 720 is also available in Monochrome.


Whether you're analysing the techniques of the next Olympic athletes or your local running club, at 350 fps the Bonita 480M is a great choice for high speed capture.