Accessory kits

A marker accessory kit for any application, including: Rigid Bodies, Biomechanics Marker Accessories, Marker Wand Construction, Oxford Foot Model and Visual Effects kits.


Vicon Rigid Bodies allow you to track and measure people and objects using fixed, accurate markers. You can be up and running quickly with an easy-to-apply, comfortable-to-wear set of rigid bodies for six-degrees-of-freedom tracking of human body segments or objects. A predefined model for each recommended unique cluster means no subject calibration, and the kit is compatible within Vicon Tracker.

Three Rigid Bodies kits are available, depending on your tracking needs:

  • Full Body
  • Head and Hands
  • Object kit

The Full-Body Kit and the Hands and Head Kit can be ordered with a clip on frame for stereoscopic glasses.


The Vicon marker accessory kits allow you to create your own marker sets.

The Life Science Basic kit contains: markers, tape, scissors, scotchlite tape for marker repair and a 5m PC cable.

The Extended Gait/Biomechanics kit contains: head bands, wristbands, base pads, ball joints, a plastic tube and callipers.


This kit contains: neoprene marker bases, joints, adapters and 75mm bars.


The Oxford Foot Model was developed by the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre (NOC) in Oxford in collaboration with Oxford University. The model is available as a plug-in that seamlessly integrates with the Vicon Nexus one-click processing pipeline.

The accessories kit for the Oxford Foot Model plug-in contains markers, mobile joints and a threaded adapter specifically designed to aid measurement protocols using this model.


The Visual Effects Basic kit contains: markers, tape, velcro hooks and loops, repair kit, tape measure and scissors.

The Visual Effects Extended kit will allow you to add additional actors to your volume. It contains a motion capture suit and markers. A facial kit is also available for full performance capture.