Vicon at GDC 2019

The Vicon booth at Game Developer’s Conference 2018 was one of the most successful exhibitions we have ever had. With the help of our partners, we showed Siren, the digital human, and VEX, our virtual reality game. Read the full recap of our 2018 exhibition here.

In 2019, we again developed demonstrations at the booth to show two different applications of our newest technology. Our Origin LBVR range was recently updated with various improvements and real-time character from cluster solving to our Evoke software and a new set of Pulsar accessories, which we demonstrated through an immersive reality game called Shadow Shifter; built in-house on the Unreal Engine by our support staff. Participants wore six Pulsar active clusters tracked by 20 Viper cameras, which allowed our Evoke software to recreate their bodies on the screen in real-time. Players then matched their bodies to oncoming wall cutouts to collect coins while avoiding obstacles.

Our second demonstration at the booth was a live presentation to preview some of the new features being released with Shōgun 1.3 later this year. Vicon VFX Product Manager, Tim Doubleday, demonstrated high fidelity finger capture and character retargeting in real-time with the help of veteran motion capture artist Gina Williamson, in a full capture suit driving the Ciri character from CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher series.

We were proud to sponsor the Motion Capture Society Mixer on Wednesday evening at Black Hammer Brewing, where over 130 attendees enjoyed craft beer, catered barbecue, and ’35’ cupcakes to celebrate Vicon’s 35th Anniversary.

Thank you to all who came out to the mixer and the Vicon booth at GDC 2019. Vicon attends or sponsors dozens of events throughout the world each year, so make sure to check out our event page to see the schedule.

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