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Evoke 1.3 is now available


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Autonomous tracking software that maximizes VR uptime

Evoke is the bridge between Vicon’s cameras and our customers’ VR experiences, making Origin a highly-autonomous end-to-end motion capture solution for virtual reality. Every element of the system is designed to maximize uptime, participant throughput and revenue while making Origin quick and intuitive to use.

During operation, Evoke maximizes system uptime with real-time system auto-heal that recalibrates misaligned cameras, allowing uninterrupted sessions without constant operator interventions.

At set-up, Evoke minimizes the time it takes to begin a session by automatically assigning LED clusters to character limbs, enabling rapid participant turnaround.

Behind the scenes, Evoke seamlessly integrates with Unreal Engine and Unity to enable third-party developers to smoothly connect Origin data with their own applications.

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Seamless game engine integration

Seamless game engine integration provides solving within the game engine, with retiming for smooth tracking, with low latency and reduced lag.

Characters from clusters

Unlimited full body movement tracking of fully solved characters.

Quick set up

Intelligent new tracking panel for pre-made object templates for HMDs and props for quick set up.

System AutoHeal

Automatically repairs camera calibration with active data for consistent and precise tracking.

New to Evoke 1.3

Track 200 objects at VR-ready latency and beyond.

Proximity grouping of LED clusters now matches a given cluster to a participant-identifying object (i.e. the headset). This allows cluster patterns to be repeated, raising the number of objects that can be tracked to 200 at VR ready latency and beyond



Reduced set-up times

By enabling the fast creation of repeatable objects and automatically assigning clusters to character limbs, Evoke 1.3 allows users to begin sessions more quickly than ever.

Technical information





What is the recommended PC specification to run my Vicon Evoke System?

How do I set up my network card?

1. Open the Network and Sharing Center and navigate to Change Adapter Settings. Vicon Vantage/Vero cameras are designated to one port.  For each Vue (or Bonita Video) camera connected, there will be additional network port used.

2. Right click on the proper port and go into the Properties. The Local Area Connection Properties window will open. Make sure only Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) is selected.

3. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) from the list and select Properties to assign the proper IP address.

a .Vantage/Vero cameras will have the following IP Address: and Subnet Mask of:

b. The first VUE camera will have the following IP Address: and Subnet Mask of

c. Any additional VUE cameras the last IP value is incrementally increased by one. For example, the second VUE camera will be

Select OK to close out of the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties.  And OK again to close out of the Local Area Connection Properties.  This will make sure all changes have been saved.

4. Feel free to rename the network port so it is easily identifiable. Such as ViconMX, VUE1 or VUE2

For further assistance please refer to the Configuring Ports section of the PCSetupforViconSystems.pdf found in Downloads > Documentation

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Evoke 1.3.0

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Evoke 1.3.0

Download Evoke 1.3.0 today!

Evoke is intuitive and designed for Origin, which brings together the best of Vicon tech to create unrivalled full body immersive VR experiences.

The highly automated platform offers full control, real-time best tracking on the market and quick player turnaround. Evoke includes ‘Headless Mode’, plus a fully featured command and control API, to interface with custom-built host applications.

The 1.3 update includes:
• Proximity Tracking that enables reuse of Pulsar patterns in a single volume, while maintaining capability to track every marker in every frame
• Capability to track 200 different objects at VR-ready latency, while maintaining a high framerate
• Automatic assignment of clusters to characters. This reduces the requirement for advance organization of clusters to specific character limbs
• Cluster calibration that corrects for minor variability in Pulsar placement on the feet and spine, along with refined skeleton model for more life-like character solving.
• System health metrics available through the API, for monitoring consistent system performance
• Interface improvements to improve ease of device and radio pairing management, and filtering of objects
• Numerous small improvements and bug fixes.

For a complete guide to What’s New in 1.3.0: click here

Evoke 1.3.0 Documentation: click here


For more information on Evoke, please visit our Location Based Virtual Reality page or contact us.

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