Vicon partners with Theia Markerless to unlock markerless motion tracking for life sciences within the Vicon Nexus ecosystem



With the addition of accessible markerless motion capture from Theia Markerless, Vicon offers users multiple ways to capture movement. Markerless tracking complements Vicon’s high-end optical motion capture system and inertial sensors, with all three solutions seamlessly integrated into the same ecosystem.

Optical Tracking: The gold standard in motion capture, Vicon’s optical motion capture system offers incredible precision and power from Nexus, and clinically-validated model outputs.

Inertial: Using Blue Trident sensors and Apple’s ARKit within our intuitive Capture.U app, inertial tracking offers capture in the wild for immediate insight and performance analysis, plus VR visualization of the subject.

Markerless: Powered by Theia3D software, easily track any action and analyze either in the lab or in the field using reference video cameras.


By pairing Vicon technology with Theia Markerless capture we’ve expanded our tracking ecosystem, empowering Life Sciences users to gather data wherever and however they desire.

Opening up access to the developing world of markerless motion capture, Vicon enables you to explore this emerging solution alongside the high quality optical and inertial data gathered by your gold standard Vicon system.


Designed by Theia Markerless from the ground up for life sciences, markerless motion capture automatically tracks all subjects in the camera’s field of view for analysis of any action in any environment.

Biomechanics, clinical and sports science customers can use Nexus 2.12 onwards to compare markerless motion capture data from Theia Markerless with the trusted, validated optical capture data from Nexus and inertial data from Blue Trident.

Going markerless makes motion capture simple for researchers, coaches and subjects alike. Once a volume is set up, researchers can benefit from a powerful set of options for capturing and analyzing data. For subjects, markerless tracking allows increased freedom of movement in their optimal environment, whether that’s the lab, track or field.


Markerless motion capture from Theia3D uses video cameras to create skeletal models and video overlays while simultaneously gathering detailed joint and segment angle data.

The system will recognize and track multiple subjects at once, allowing users to see how they interact without the need for a complex set-up process.

Theia Markerless can automatically launch from Nexus 2.12. It allows batch processing on all video files to generate the markerless data output process, saving and merging the C3D files back into Nexus. From there, a ProCalc scheme can be run to calculate joint data for comparison of the optical and markerless data.

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Markerless insights from Capture.U

Vicon’s Capture.U app for iOS also offers another way to tap into markerless motion capture in the field or in the lab. By pairing Blue Trident inertial sensors with AR Visualizations from the app (powered by Apple’s ARKit 3), users can benefit from markerless motion capture with inertial for immediate subject insights for research or athlete performance analysis.