Models, Scripts, Sample Data

We provide a range of additional tools and information for our software here – from scripts in Python, to sample data for CGM2 or our software, alongside models like the Oxford Foot Model

Nexus Sample Data

Includes a variety of sports and gait data, captured and processed using the Plug-in Gait marker set, in addition to custom cluster-based marker sets and the Advanced Gait Workflow.

Shogun Sample Data

Contains data relating to setting up and solving to a custom skeleton in Shogun 1.2.

CGM2 Sample Data

Updating the Conventional Gait Model for the modern world.

Upper Limb Model

The Upper Limb Model is an extended version of the Conventional Gait Model (Plug-in Gait) written in Vicon BodyLanguage.

Calculate Gait Cycle Parameters

This ProCalc scheme calculates the Gait Cycle Parameters for each individual gait cycle within Nexus.

Cara Sample Data

This Cara sample data is a set of captures with a dense marker-set. It contains a ROM take, a four-camera calibration file and a number of .cara files with the ROM take solved at key steps in the data cleansing process.

Nexus Advanced Gait Workflow

A preconfigured set of capture and process steps intended to assist the user in capturing trials for SCoRE and SARA functional joint calibrations.

PyCara Examples

PyCara is a collection of Vicon Cara-related python utilities. PyCara contains subpackages allowing the user to script CaraPost processing (including blob detection and tracking), and to read both CaraPost files (.cara) and the capture files generated by CaraLive (.pico).


Blade Sample Data

Blade Sample Data to be used in conjunction with Blade 2 Tutorial – YouTube Series.

ProCalc Schemes

New templates available for Polygon 4.4.6 now. Vicon ProCalc schemes and example data for the TT Bike Fitting and Drop Jump Polygon Report Template Examples

BodyBuilder Models

Includes examples of the many BodyLanguage models which have been developed and are being used by Vicon customers.

Python – Gait Kinematics

This Python Code is an Example Code created to work in conjunction with Vicon Nexus 2 and processed Lower Body Plug-in Gait Data. The code needs to be run from within Vicon Nexus 2.

Python – Gait Kinetics

This Python Code is an Example Code created to work in conjunction with Vicon Nexus 2 and processed Lower Body Plug-in Gait Data. The code needs to be run from within Vicon Nexus 2.

Plug In Gait to Excel

This Python code is an example created to work in conjunction with Vicon Nexus 2 and processed Lower Body or Full Body Plug-in Gait Data.

Anonymize Reference Video Device ID

The intended use of this script is to anonymize reference video data. This script uses Haar cascades to identify if a face is present in a video and places a black box over each face in every frame of video that a face is detected.

Apply Offset

This script is intended to apply a numerical offset to a specified device channel. Input arguments are device ID, device output ID, device channel ID, and your specified offset to apply.

Custom Model Example

These are example scripts to provide an example for how to use the following Modules in Python and Matlab: NexusTrajectory, NexusSegment, NexusAngle

Extract EMG

This is an example code to extract EMG Data, calculate a linear envelope and present it in the Model Outputs.

Vicon OpenSense Processing

This resource helps you process your Vicon Blue Trident IMU data from either Nexus or Capture.U for use within OpenSense.


Fixed Shogun 1.8 VSS files.

Automatic Retargeting Setup scripts for MetaHuman / UE5 Mannequin

This is a set of scripts which automatically sets up a default retarget from a Shogun 1.8 VSS to a MetaHuman or UE5 Mannequin retarget skeleton.


The new StretchSense import scripts fix some issues in the scripts shipped with Shogun 1.8.
Copy the new scripts to C:\Program Files\Vicon\ShogunPost1.8\Scripts\FileIO, overriding the existing scripts.

FP COP LivePlot

This script is an example to show the use of the Python version of the Vicon Datastream SDK.  It shows a live plot of the center of pressure from the specified force plate in the trial.

Get Device Info Log

This script is to be used to help identify connected devices in the trial when working with the offline SDK to extract data in Python/Matlab.

Inclined Treadmill FP Properties

This script will calculate the position and orientation of instrumented treadmill force plates at any given incline.

Rotate Ref Vid

This script is intended to be used to rotate reference video so that if you captured your reference video rotated 90 degrees in an effort to get the height of your subject vs something like an overground walkway you can rotate this video so that when you import the trial into Polygon, you can use the rotated vertical video.

Start Stop Stamps

This script extracts the start/stop time from the trial xcp file and displays them in the Nexus log output.

Vicon File Backup

This script is to be used when you want to make a backup of nexus specific files (not trial data) so that you can move them to another PC.

Walking Speed Eclipse GCP

This script takes the average of the left and right walking speed parameters as calculated by the Calculate Gait Cycle Parameters pipeline op and writes this average to a new column in ProEclipse.

XCP Editor

This script can be used to manipulate which cameras are present in the XCP file. When removed from the XCP file,
an XML comment is added around that cameras info so Nexus will not recognize it.

Bertec Treadmill Gait Cycle Events

This code can be used to define the gait cycle events from a Bertec force plate by using the Fz channels of both force plates only.

Upper Limb Model (Python and MATLAB)

The Upper Limb Model is an extended version of the Conventional Gait Model (Plug-in Gait) transcribed from Vicon Body Language to Matlab and Python

VDS Logger

To be used with Vicon Tracker, the GUI allows you to customize the device outputs 6DOF data (helical or Euler angle).

Python Gait Report PDF

This script creates a gait report with averaged +/- 1 SD data across all gait cycles for the left and right side.

Bertec Treadmill VSK Creator

This script creates a GUI that directs the user through a series of measurements to create a VSK for setting the origin when using a Bertec split-belt treadmill.

EMG Channel Reducer

This script can be used to mask which EMG sensor channels are included in the .system file.

Blue Trident Converter

This script can be used to convert the global angle output from a Blue Trident (BT) sensor in Nexus (output as helical/axis-angle) into Quaternion,
Euler Angles, and/or a rotation matrix.

Replace Missing Marker

This script will replace a marker that is missing on a 4 rigid marker cluster during a dynamic trial, which is present in a static trial.

Replace 4 Macro

This script is designed to replicate the Replace4Macro that is used in BodyBuilder (for Python and MATLAB).

Normalized Data Excel

This script can be used to export model outputs normalized to gait cycles into an excel workbook from Nexus.

Force Plate Butterworth Filter Cut-Off Visualizer

This code can be used to visualize the effect of the chosen Butterworth low-pass, zero-lag cut-off frequency.

AMTI Treadmill Gait Cycle Events

This code will use the Fz channel of each plate to determine the gait cycle events on an AMTI front/back treadmill.

Capture.U Practice Scripts

This resource will help you process the Practice exercises within the Capture.U Learn mode.

Gait Sub Phases – Python

This file is supplied to illustrate the normal operation of the Nexus to Python 3.9 interface.