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    Vicon Product Licensing 1.5.1


    This is a stand-alone installer for the latest version of Vicon’s licensing utility, VAULT. This version adds support for Tracker 4.0.

    VAULT is installed by default with each major Vicon software application (Nexus, Tracker, Shogun, Evoke). This stand-alone installer is intended for users who wish to update their server based version of Vault.
    For more information on licensing, including requests and activation, please see the documentation for each app which can be found here.

    Vicon Product Licensing 1.5.0


    File Name:

    This is a stand-alone installer for the latest version of Vicon’s licensing utility. VAULT is installed by default with Vicon software application (Nexus, Tracker, Shogun). This stand-alone installer is intended for user who wish to update their server based version of Vault.

    Functions handled by VAULT include:

    License information. Licenses Requests – Via email. License activation / deactivation / revocation. Network server search capabilities Commuter and Remote Commuter lic abilities.

    VAULT 1.5:

    • Updates the Sentinel Server / SDK
    • Adds new functionality
    • Addresses a set of bugs

    SafeNet Sentinel License SDK: Updated to 9.4.0

    Important Note – License Type No Longer Supported – Dongle-Locked Network License

    Vicon software products use SafeNet license technology. Gemalto (owners of the SafeNet licensing technology) periodically update the SDK, allowing vendors such as Vicon to integrate licensing features. The 9.4.0 update addresses a number of issues that have been reported by Vicon users. It has also removed support for a specific license type: dongle-locked network licenses. If you have a dongle-locked network license, it is recommended that you do not immediately update to VAULT 1.5 and instead first contact Vicon.

    Feature updates:

    1. Adds a more streamlined method for updating VAULT when a license server moves.
    2. The field ‘Department / Supervisor’ has been added to the license request generator.
    3. License server settings now persist and are remembered.
    4. Revocation folder paths are now remembered when relocating multiple licenses.
    5. Email address formats are now validated to ensure they are correct.
    6. Added the ability to revoke seats across license instances rather then one at a time.
    7. VAULT now searches for available licenses after check-in.

    Issues addressed:

    • Improved support for legacy license activation issue.
    • Removing an expired Tracker license now correctly removes all children.
    • Dongle-based licenses now correctly have a Revoke option.
    • The reference to VAULT in Add/Remove Programs now lists ‘Vicon Product Licensing’ to correspond with other references in Windows.
    • UI now allows right-click to remove grace licenses.
    • VAULT no longer crashes if the license it’s trying to activate is expired.
    • VAULT can no longer incorrectly use inactive licenses.
    • The VAULT UI now allows you to clear locking criteria when commuting.
    • A commuter license is no longer deactivated when a new license is activated.
    • System details are now correctly transcribed into the license request file.
    • Activating a license for the same product for two dongles now correctly displays both entries in VAULT.
    • VAULT status now displays correctly when a dongle is plugged in.
    • Remote checkout when a commuted license already exists on a machine no longer gives an activation code of NULL.

    Requirements A supported Vicon software application Web access (does not necessarily need to be on the same machine as a save to file feature has been implemented).


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