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Are the Blue Trident sensors synced when recording using Vicon Capture.U?

The sensors are synchronized by radio beacon, broadcast from one sensor. This synchronization occurs at the start of the recording session and requires that all sensors be within radio range of each other (<10m). Once synchronization is complete, all sensor clocks will be aligned within 100us, and no additional synchronization occurs.  From this point, each sensor will “dead-reckon” based on their own high-accuracy clocks, and do not need to stay within radio range. While dead-reckoning, each sensor clock will drift at a low rate, affected by manufacturing variation and temperature difference, relative to each other.  Assuming the sensors operate at a similar temperature, the expected drift is less than 20ms per hour.

Dead-reckoning used in a temporal sense. The key concept is that the sync occurs once only, and from this point the timebases of each sensor will drift apart from each other.