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Plug-in Gait units for forces, moments and powers in the c3d file does not match units displayed in Nexus. Pre 2.10 Nexus displays the Plug-in Gait units as:

  • Forces – N/kg
  • Moments – N.mm/kg
  • Power – W/kg

Plug-in Gait outputs generated by Nexus are normalized to the subject’s body mass, and their values are stored in the .c3d file as such. Therefore, the units in the .c3d file metadata should be divided by kg for these outputs (i.e. N/kg, N.mm/kg, W/kg).


Plug-in in Gait Documentation updated from Nexus 2.10 (https://docs.vicon.com/display/Nexus210/Plug-in+Gait+output+specification#PluginGaitoutputspecification-Jointkinetics)