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What are the new features in Nexus 2?

For all the new features in Nexus please follow the links below:

Nexus 2.13

  • 64-bit application
  • Support for FLIR video cameras and H.264 codec


Nexus 2.12
  • Integration with Theia3D, Tobii Pro Glasses 3
  • Python 3 compatibility
  • CGM2 v.3.4.5 update


Nexus 2.11
  • Vicon Vantage + enabling high-speed mode


Nexus 2.10
  • Integration of Vicon Blue Trident (IMU) sensors
  • Integration of Tobii Pro Glasses 2
  • Stream in Open Sound Control


Nexus 2.9
  • Improved CGM2 workflow
  • Overlay normalized trial data in Quick Reports


Nexus 2.8

  • Visualized Plug-in Gait segment centers of mass
  • Conventional Gait Model 2 (CGM2) installer


Nexus 2.7
  • Camera calibration feedback
  • ProCalc pipeline operation
  • Blue Thunder IMU integration


Nexus 2.6

  • Quick reports
  • Improved event detection
  • Improvements to Data Management


Nexus 2.5
  • Custom timebar events
  • Subject Viewer pane


New features and updates in Vicon Nexus 2.3

Nexus 2.3 introduces the following new features and updates.

  • Auto Start Stop Capture
  • Auto Crop Trial
  • Automated Assessment of Foot Strikes
  • Automated Gap-Filling
  • Export the 3D Workspace to AVI
  • Cyclic Pattern Fill
  • Processing History
  • Sensor Windowing Display
  • Select Transferred/Non-transferred files
  • Hotkeys for Start/Stop Capture
  • Select/Deselect All Pipeline Operations
  • Sweep Select for Manual Masking
  • Subject Parameters – Set All to Default
  • Progress Bar for Matlab operations


New features and updates in Vicon Nexus 2.2

Nexus 2.2 introduces the following new features and updates.

  • Native Oxford Foot Model
  • Greater choice of joint types
  • Advanced MATLAB modeling
  • Compatibility with Vicon Vantage systems
  • Support for Vicon Lock+ control units
  • Compatibility with Vicon Control


New features and updates in Vicon Nexus 2.1

Nexus 2.1 introduced the following new features and updates:

  • Compatibility with Vicon Lock
  • Additional video standards and timecode options
  • Support for mixed Vicon Bonita and T-series systems
  • Cross-plate foot strike feature
  • Improved system calibration refinement


New features and functions in Vicon Nexus 2.0

The following new features were introduced in Nexus 2.0:

  • Updated user interface
  • Updated licensing: VAULT – SafeNet
  • Active Communications window
  • Enhanced database navigation and search
  • Updates to Pipeline operations
  • Automated data quality feedback tab
  • New processing engine and improved labeling
  • Biomechanics workflow
  • MATLAB interface
  • Python interface